Hi, good people! are you going to buy home warranties service to protect your home appliances from expensive repair cost when it gets damaged? If you are, what kind of package that you take? Here are some appliances home warranties that you should prioritize when you buy home warranties services, especially for basic plans:

1.Daily-used appliances
Daily-used appliances are the appliances which you use everyday. It can be a washing machine, refrigerator, or electric stove.

2.Expensive appliances
How much it costs to repair your damaged washing machine or refrigerator in which you spend over $1000 for each of two appliances. Commonly, it will be a third of a new appliance price. You might spend at least $300 to repair your refrigerator or washing machine. If you buy home warranty package, you don’t need to worry about this costly repair cost.

By prioritizing some products will give you best warranty service. If you need the best warranty, 365 Home warranty should be your priority.

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