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Anand System Inc is a company producing software to help manage varied types of business. Visit, the official website of Anand Systems Inc for further information. One of the software the company produces is the point of sale or POS software. It is a kind of software, the main purpose of which is to help manage the sale of the business

The software will include modules or features for sales, kitchen order, purchase, guest or customer billing and inventory control, bar table management, the point of sale system for restaurants etc. Hence, the POS system can be used for places or businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, retail stores, theme parks and any other type of leisure businesses. As the company provides the software for a lot of countries from around the world, the Point of Sale Software is now available in several languages; they include English, Georgian, Spanish and Arabic. Besides, people who usually come to places for leisure businesses are not only local people living in the same area or country as the places but also from some other countries. That is why a point of sale software should also have a multilingual feature.