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Rhinoplasty can also be considered as a reconstruction procedure if the level of damage to the nose cartilage and bone is rather heavy. In such a case plastic surgeon san diego, the network moved from another body part and grafted in the damaged area. If you want to do plastic surgery, make sure you visit the surgeon who is experienced, physician. Or you can visit Dr. Karam and her plastic surgeon san Diego.

One of the most common uses of reconstructive surgery can be found in the field of professional contact sports. Players possibility of injury during contact sports passion and the wound can only be treated with reconstructive surgery. Although rare, sexual reassignment surgery is another example of reconstructive surgery. There is certain gray area between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and distinguishing one from another can be confusing at times. But in a core, reconstructive surgery is usually performed to correct abnormalities, and not to improve the appearance of otherwise normal.