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Of course, there will be many things to know when it comes to applying for housing authority or social housing. Before you file the application form, you will be asked to choose the area where you will choose to live when your application get approved. You are able to specify up to 3 areas where you would to live. Keep in mind that at least on of those choices must be in the area administered by your HA that you apply to. If you have own area choice, ensure that you apply for at the right HA location. Yes, you have the opportunity to choose other areas for the second and third option bust still in the same country.

You have own choice where you want to live when your application is accepted, right? Now we are going to talk about the need of social housing application. The housing authority will consider following questions when he or she means to make the decision whether or not your household is in the need of social housing.

1. Is your current accommodation an institution or hostel?
2. Are you homeless?
3. Is your current accommodation overcrowded?
4. If it is shared with another household, could you tell us the reason for separate accommodation?

Your housing authority will also ask more questions to ensure that you really need public housing. A professional HA will work objectively, so you will get the chance for social housing although he doesn’t never know you well previously. Being aware that not all people are eligible and in the need of social housing can help you relieve stress and get rid of the fear before meeting HA to give your best answer. Important to know, it may be possible for your HA to ask more questions than usual. However, it can vary depending on the need of making the final decision when he or she accepts your application.