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The Queens Peak condo is the right place for everyone to have a life in. No matter the number of people or family members who are going to live in the unit, we will have all the floor plan layouts for each of the needs of our clients. There are at least six options we provide for all of our clients for the layouts of the units. Options range from the one bedroom unit up to the six-bedroom unit which has entered the category of penthouses. For the details of the layouts, the discussion will be below Queens Peak condo.

For the unit with only one bedroom, there are at least seven options you can choose from the layouts, while the two bedrooms unit will have four types of the options. As for three bedrooms in the unit, this category has the most options, containing eight types of the unit. Otherwise, the four bedrooms unit together with one of the biggest units, the unit with five bedrooms, will have only one type to be the option of layouts and then for the biggest unit, the unit with six bedrooms or usually called as a penthouse, there are four types available.