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Double Glazing Zone – windows – Sitting near the window while listening to the rain or enjoy the outside view is a fun thing to do, especially if the full moon has appeared. Open the window, sit right there and play guitar, drink a cup of tea or coffee, it’s up to you. Do whatever you like. Right now, we’d like to share some info with you, it’s the tips for the people who’s confused with the windows choice.

1. Choose a window that reflects the house aesthetic

Each house has its own architecture value and style that makes it unique. Choosing a window that’s suitable with the house aesthetic value is the first step to choosing the right window. Your house might have the modern and contemporary style, so the doors and windows have the very tall shape that almost reaches the ceiling. Or a traditional style with the diamond shaped window frame. Make the style of your own home as the reference.

2. Decide the window function

Basically, the function of a window is to enable the air and light to come through into the house. However, the window could also be functioned as a door, especially for the glass sliding window for your access to the back yard. You can also decorate it for the aesthetic value. Consider about what kind of window and for what kind of room. Do you need the outside view? Or you simply prioritize the room lighting? If a window is not possible, try to use the solar tubes that you can install on the roof down to the wall beside the house.

3. Colorful frames

Besides the color and the home architecture, you can choose the right window by choosing the colorful window frame. The frame could be made of wood or iron. In order to decide the correct exterior color, you can consult it with a professional painter.

That’s it about the tips for the people who confused about the window choices. Have a nice day everyone!