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Advances in technology give us an idea that almost all aspects of our lives requires a software program or a method that can lighten our work. Campaigners online businesses usually look for various ways to introduce your product or company easily to the general public. But the field of promotion is not as easy as turning the palm. Introduce new products even company is not a job that can be done in the blink of an eye. It takes time and some of the methods that this promotion is running and viewers get Brand Awareness for each presentation is done. As for some of the commonly used method is to use SEO services to post the new company in the search engines in order to get consumers or the way that is a trend right now is through a video-based animated whiteboard or so-called whiteboard videos.

Now the online business, no longer needs to feel confused in looking for ways to promote their products in order to introduce the audience, by relying on a video to launch their marketing. Experience proves that video is more effective in conveying a message rather than just text and images. With video, you can do;

1. Promotion of your product as an affiliate
2. Promotion of your network business
3. Promotion of goods and services

The third point was enough to make you as a viral campaign. Today many online businesses activists turned their attention than advertising in the form of writing, some of which prefers the promotion through videos or can be called with video marketing. Many of the businessmen who carry out large-scale promotion are mainly related to their superior products through videos, one of which uses a whiteboard animation videos. Video marketing is based whiteboard animation is often said as enhancing the effectiveness of a promotion by a company or trademark.

Video introduction proved to be the most effective products and already many examples like youtube, twitter or facebook. The existence of the Internet that has reached the global point, considered as the most effective paths and reduce the cost of advertising as well as direct product is introduced to the public without the hassle of a meeting or spread pamphlets-pamphlets that if more costly.