Every woman has a different kind of man that they love. Sometimes, they can not understand why they could crush on a man who is not handsome. If you one of them, you can not blame your heart because love can not choose. For some women, handsome man is number second because they are more concerned with the goodness of men’s heart. They do not matter if the man is not as handsome as other men because the handsome man can not guarantee the relationship will be enjoyed. Women are also much easier to conquistar homem and do a little act to get their hearts. Different with handsome men, they are more difficult to conquer because usually, we are not the only one who have crush them. We have many competitors to get their hearts and there must be a woman who is more beautiful than us. We do not need to worry even we can not make a relationship with a handsome man because the ordinary man is not bad.

The handsomeness is not absolute because it is based on an assessment of each person. Usually, women not judge the men from their face but often from their odour. The man who has a good odour is more interesting than the man who did not perfume. It is more important for women because a man with a good odour can make women comfortable. Usually, a man who has perfumed he is clean and frequently care his body. They also often pay attention to the cleanliness of their residence or their apartment. Women have a sensitive smelling so, they can not be longer in a stinking place because it can make them nauseous. Therefore, if you love to someone, you have to ensure if he has a good odour and often perfumed even he is not handsome.

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